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See what previous clients have had to say about working with Growth In Measures thus far!

"Cadence does a great job anticipating - even directing - the needs of our start up and meeting them to the fullest extent of her capabilities.

Cadence does a great job covering the bases we don't have time to do and, in many cases the training to do, such as graphic design.

Cadence is flexible and easy to work with.

Shanna Church, Co-Owner of Aggregate Bookkeeping, LLC.

"Cadence came to us full of creative ideas and approaches. 

We feel excited to have this new perspective

Cadence's enthusiasm and her ability to quickly grasp complex issues have really motivated the rest of our team." 

Jeff Pitcher, President CP Adhesives Group

"Being a business owner, we often get caught up in our way of doing things. 

Everyone is a potential client and
it was nice to get a client perspective on my products and services from Cadence as a consumer and Business2Business."

Michelle Blandford, Owner of All Over Creations

"Cadence was very helpful in rebranding my business to something that fit my personality and missions statement better.

She helped me learn to stage pictures and show off my product in new and exciting ways. She also gave me tips on how to use social media to my advantage..."

Julie Reid, Owner of Fairy Posh Momma 

"[Cadence] is very focused on the task in front of her, [and] very informative to the customer

She is great at putting my thoughts into words.

[I gained] a 
deeper insight on what it takes to create a good online presence."

Dustin Johnson Co-Owner of Discovering Balance By Nature

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