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Aggregate Bookkeeping, LLC.

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I began working with Aggregate Bookkeeping in December 2020. 

They came to me for help with creating a digital platform to begin connecting with clients and businesses in their area. 

I realized that their target market was too broad and was able to help reshape their thinking to identify their ideal customer. 

In three short months I was able launch their entire digital presence, including their landing page, social media platforms and meeting scheduler. I was also able to develop a social media strategy based on market research, competitive analyses and their company's mission. 

We met weekly to stay on target with goals and work collaboratively on content, design and output.  

I designed a company video introducing their services and team as well as graphics to utilize on their social media platforms in tandem with valuable content & community engagement posts. 

I provided the Owners with training and tools to begin supporting their own social media platforms and provided support as needed towards the end of February 2021. I designed print materials for their business to business marketing efforts and provided instruction on lead development and strategy. 

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