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Cadence Joan: Owner & Head Creative
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I'm Cadence, Owner and Head Creative at Growth In Measures, LLC. I'm here to help you with your business' creative and collaborative needs. 

I created Growth In Measures as a creative services firm where we take an emotionally intelligent and supportive stand by you and your business. 

You can trust my firm to help your business complete intimidating projects, create engaging content, and design a digital presence that engages your community and remains true to your company's values and brand identity

I'm here to help turn your vision into reality. 

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- Project Management - Customer Connection -
- Copywriting - Social Media Content - Templates - Branding -
- Podcasting - Video - Vlogging - Multi-Media Content -
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How does Growth In Measures help?

It's magic! No, not really, but it will seem like it! What you may consider visions or daydreams, our creative firm considers blueprints. 


We first listen to what you need to accomplish.

Then, we learn about your business, your products or services & your audience in order to structure a strategy specifically for you.  

We work alongside your team to ensure that your needs are met and your expectations are exceeded


Whether you need engaging copy, visual content, multi-media production work, or have pesky, stagnant projects that needs completing; Growth In Measures takes your needs from burden to brilliance. In the end, you might just believe in magic! 

The benefits of embracing authenticity:

Authenticity allows your business to organically attract your audience and build brand loyalty.

Align your messaging. 

Attract your ideal customers. 

Grow your business. 

Growth In Measures helps simplify this process and works with you to align your messaging with your values, brand identity and product value. Once your content is created for connection, your audience will be attracted to the value your business brings them. Over time you'll see more engagement, more leads, and greater conversion rates.  

We find the words for you.

Watch how your branding can bond with your consumers organically, when your messaging is valuable and interesting. Connect your intentions with why your business was created. Align your messaging with who you seek to help, and watch how your audience responds. You'll build viable leads, create meaningful connections with your consumers and build brand loyalty that keeps you relevant in your market.

The Value We Bring

"Cadence does a great job anticipating - even directing - the needs of our start up and meeting them to the fullest extent of her capabilities. 

Cadence does a great job covering the bases we don't have time to do and, in many cases the training to do, such as graphic design

Cadence is flexible and easy to work with."

Shanna Church, Co-Owner of Aggregate Bookkeeping, LLC.


Greater Kalamazoo, MI area 


Meetings held via Zoom

For Travel:

Subject to schedule availability


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