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CP Adhesives Group

CP Adhesives Channel Art.png

I began working with CP Adhesives Group as their Outreach Specialist in December 2019. 

They came to me for help with marketing and creative services. After learning their products, market and brand identity, we began working together to develop engaging and relevant content.


I updated their social media platforms, creating a Facebook page, Linked-In page and Twitter page to spread product knowledge and industry relevant news. 

Currently, CP Adhesives Group is exploring the potential for podcasting. I'm also assisting their company in audio/visual production; creating informative videos and developing presentations as a resource for the industry and its associations.

Below is a collection of creative work I've done thus far for CP Adhesives Group. 

"Wood Matters!" Segment with Jeff Pitcher

Growth In Measures assisted with concept development, graphic design, video production, direction and video editing. 

"SMA Lunch & Learn" Segment with Jeff Pitcher

Growth In Measures assisted graphic design and presentation design in partnership with the Stair Manufacturers Association who managed production and editing of the video presentation. 

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